Daily Crime Report on 10-01-2019

Bilaspur Police has registered the following cases on 10-01-2019:-


1       A Case U/S 18&25 ND&PS Act PS Sadar has been registered on the Rukka of HC Surender Kumar I/O Secuity Branch Stated there in that he has recovered 73 gram opium from the possession of Suresh Kumar S/O Shri Telu Ram  R/O Sihda PO Binoula Tehsil Sadar distt. Bilaspur during patrolling/vehicle checking near Ghamna Mod, on the road to Bandla from Bilaspur, Case is being investigated on priority basis.

2        A case U/S 379, 34 IPC has been registered in PS Sadar on the statement of Inder Singh S/O Shri Badra R/O VPO Jamli Tehsil Sadar District Bilaspur (HP). Alleged there in that on 08/01/2019 midnight when he was to Barman in His Truck near Jamli bus stop then he saw that some unknown persons trying to stole the iron sattring plates from road side in Vehicle number HP65-3009, Case is being investigated by HC Narender Kumar.


1       A case U/S 283 IPC has been registered in PS Swarghat on the rukka of HC Rattan Lal. Stated there in that on 09/01/2019, when he was on patrolling near Excise Barrier he found that a truck No. HP66-5716 was parked on the road in such a way that obstructed the general public as well as traffic.