crime report on 02-10-2018

Bilaspur police has registered the following cases:-

PS Sadar

  1. 1. A Case U/S 380 IPC PS Sadar has been registered on the complaint  of one lady  R/O BharariO. Raghunathpura Tehsil Sadar  Distt. Bilaspur HP  alleging there in that on the 01-10-2018 some unknown culprits  stolen away her golden ornaments from her room .Value of stolen property is about to Rs. 80,000/- Case is being investigated on priority basis.

PS Barmana

         1.A case U/S 353,332 IPC has been registered in PS Barmana on the statement of Chunni Lal  S/O Shri Govind Ram R/O Soldha Tehsil Sadar Distt. Bilaspur(HP),who is the driver in HRTC stating there in that, on 01-10-2018 when he was driving the HRTC bus no. HP73-5750 and reached near Kharsi then one person came there and started abused , beaten up  and threatened him with dire consequences. The case is being investigated on priority basis.