CRIME REPORT ON 16-04-2018

Bilaspur police has registered the following cases:-
1. . A case U/S 354-D, 504, 506, 509, IPC & section 66D of IT Act has been registered in PS Barmana on the written complaint submitted by a lady against an unknown person who had made an fake i.d. on social media and posting indecent material on that i.d. Case is being investigated on priority basis.
1. A case U/ 147,148, 149, 356, 323, 427 IPC has been registered in PS Sadar on the complaint of Manish Kumar S/O Sh. Kashmir Singh Vill. Kherian PO Swahan Tehsil Shri Naina Devi Ji Distt.Bilaspur(HP) alleging there in that on 15-04-2018 some unknown persons at berian beaten up him and brokes the glasses of his car and also his one lac rupees found missing from his car . Investigation is going on.
1. A case U/S 379 IPC has been registered in PS Talai on the report of Kulwant Singh S/O Sh.Tidu Ram Village Bhalloo PO Berthin Dstrict Bilaspur (HP). Alleged there in that on 03-04-2018 he parked his scooty at rain shelter Berthin and next day found it as missing , now from secret sources ‘ he founds that Puran cshand r/o VPO Baerthin had stolened his scooty. Investigation is going on.
2 A case U/S 341,323,504 IPC has been registered in PS Talai on the report of Pardeep Kumar r/o Gujrehra PO Ghandeer District Bilapsur (HP). Stated there in that on 14-04-2018 Kiran Kumari obstructs the way of his girl Shaloo and Priyanka & beaten up, and abused them. Case is investigated by HC Ramesh Chand.
1. A Case U/S 279,304A IPC has been registered in PS Jhnduta on the Rukka of SI Lekh Raj on dtd 15-04-2018 A person named Ram Lal s/o Shri tau Ram VPO Ser died due to accident of Tractor no HP 23B – 1794 at near Broha case has been registered on the Driver Sanjeev Kumar s/o Shri Nikkoo Ram VPO Ser & being investigated on priority basis.