Crime report on 03-03-2017


Bilaspur Police has been registered the following cases:-

PS Ghumarwin:-

  1. A case U/S 457,380 IPC has been registered in PS Ghumarwin on the complaint of Ravi Kumar S/O Shri Moti Ram R/O VPO Naswal Tehsil Ghumarwin District Bilaspur (HP) alleging there in that on 02-03-2017, one unknown person stolen away some mobile from his shop at Morsinghi. The value of stolen property is Rs. 22000/-. The case is being investigated by HC Mahinder Singh.


  1.  A case U/S 283 IPC has been registered in PS Barmana on the rukka of L/HC Veena Devi. Stated there in that, when she was on patrolling near Beri Chowk, she found that a person put some wastage items on the road in such a way that obstructed the general public as well as traffic.