Crime report on 02-09-2016

Bilaspur police has registered the following cases:-

PS Sadar:-

  1. A case U/S 498A,506 IPC has been registered in PS Sadar on the complaint of one lady R/O Raghunathpura Tehsil Sadar Distt. Bilaspur (HP) alleging there in that she got married with Sh. Ravi Thakur. After some time of her marriage her husband and in laws started to harass and threatened her for dowry. Case is being investigated on priority basis.

PS Barmana:

  1. A case U/S 283 IPC has been registered in PS Barmana on the rukka of L/HC Veena Devi stating there in that when she was on patrolling near Dehar, she found that a person was selling some items of fast food on the road in such a way that obstructs the general public as well as traffic.