Daily crime report on 14-06-2016

Bilaspur police has registered the following cases:-
PS Ghumarwin:-

1. A case U/S 430 IPC in PS Ghumarwin has been registered on the complaint of Asst.Engineer IPH Sub Division Kandrour Distt.Bilaspur (HP). Alleged there in that on 13.06.2016, a water supply pipe line mehra tank to Dhar tank and water supply to villages dhar, Gwal Muthani & Bulgan has broken by Chuni Lal R/O Gwal Muthani in his land. Case is being investigated by HC Jai Kishan.

2. A case U/S 420,506,34 IPC has been registered in PS Ghumarwin on the Complaint of Desh Raj S/O Sh.Rattan Lal R/O Vill.Dhararsani PO Rishikesh Tehsil Jhandutta Distt.Bilaspur (HP) alleging there in that he was working as driver at bus No.HP69A-5103 for some time ago. During the year 2010 the bus owner Shamsher Singh and mahender Singh call me at SBI Bank Auhar for open a new saving account during that time I have Signed so many paper after one year I received document from Auhar Bank to pay the installment of his Loan. Shamsher Singh and Mahender Singh make false loan case from SBI Bank Auhar.Now they both threatened him. Case is being investigated by ASI Daljeet Singh.

PS Barmana:-

1. A case U/S 354 IPC has been registered in PS Barmana on the complaint of one lady R/O Sikroha Tehsil Sadar District Bilaspur (HP). Alleged there in that one person namely Sanjay Kumar abused and molest her modesty. Case is being investigated by ASI Ashok Kumar.
2. A case U/S 279, 337 IPC has been registered in PS Barmana on the statement of Suresh Kumar S/O Sh. Sant Ram R/O Vill.Mamnu PO Namhol Tehsil Sadar Distt.Bialspur (HP). Alleged there in that on 13/06/2016, when he was present at his shop he saw a lady was fall down on the road from the HRTC Bus and she got injuries. Case is being investigated.