Crime report on 08-03-2016

Bilaspur police has registered the following cases:-
PS Swarghat:-
1. A case U/S 283 IPC has been registered in PS Swarghat on the rukka of HC RamPal. Stated there in that on 27-03-16 when he was on patrolling near Whasowal, he found that a person parked his truck No. HP21A-7051 on the road in such a way that obstructed the general public as well as traffic.
PS Sadar:-
1. A case U/S 39(1) HP Ex Act has been registered in PS Sadar on the rukka of SI Bhupinder Singh. Stated there in that he was on patrolling along with staff at Bamta, and on receipt of secret information recovered 15750 ml illicit liquor from the possession of one person. case is being investigated by SI Bhupinder Singh.