Crime Report on 18/10/2015

Bilaspur Police has been registered the following cases:-
PS Sadar:-
1.A case U/S 420,468,471 IPC in PS Sadar has been registered on the order of SP Bilaspur alleged therein that Husan Chand R/O Shri Naina Devi Ji Distt.Bilaspur submitted two driving Licenses during the recruitment process of police constables/constables drivers. Case is being investigated by ASI Padam Dev.
PS Barmana:-
1. A case U/S 452, 354A IPC has been registered in PS Barmana on the complaint of one lady Alleged there in that when she was present in her rental room then one person entered in her room forcibly and abused and molest her modesty. Case is being investigated by SI Ajay Kumar.
2.. A case U/S 279,337 IPC 187 M.V.Act has been registered in PS Barmana on the statement of Sh. Nehru Lal Sharma S/O Lt.Sh.Hari Ram Sharma R/O Kukhan PO Jamani Tehsil Sarkaghat Distt.Mandi (HP) alleging therein that on 17/10/15 he was going to Shimla when he reached near Gugga Bhater on the meantime one scorpio hit M/Cycle No.PB02 BE 2541 rashly and negligently during overtaking and Pillion rider got injured in this accident. Case is being investigated by ASI Parkesh Chand.
PS Kot Kehloor:-
1. A case U/S 283 IPC has been registered in PS Kot on the rukka of HC Rakesh Kumar. Stated there in that on 17-10-15 when he was on patrolling near Toba, he found that a person was selling food articles on the road in such a way that obstructed the general public as well as traffic.