CRIME REPORT 0F 23-10-2014

Bilaspur Police has registered the following cases:-

P.S. Sadar:-

  1. A Case U/S 336 IPC in PS Sadar has been registered on the RUKKKA OF hc Ajay Kumari. Stated therein that 0n 22-10-2014 when HHG Yash Pal No. 5/3-35 was in the market of Jhandutta suddenly a jeep ran back and injured him and a lady.

P.S. Bharari:-

  1. A case u/s 279, 337 IPC & 184 MV Act in PS Barmana has been registered on the statement of Sh. Vinit Kumar S/O Sh. Sant Ram R/O Pahalwana. Alleged therein that on 21-10-2014 when he was in a truck near Haritalyanger suddenly the truck rolled down the road. Case is being investigation by HC Himmat Ram.