An accident took place near Rahinyan (Auhar)

Today on 24.9.14 at about 8.40 AM, one Private Bus No. HP-69A-5103 was on Route-Dhararsani to Bilaspur, approximately 40-45 persons were travelling in the Bus. When the bus reached Near Rahiyaan Village accident took place and the above bus fell down in the Satluj Reservoir. 25 persons died (Male-19, Female-06) and 21 persons injured (Male-20, Female-1). Post Mortem and medical treatment conducted at Zonal Hospital Bilaspur and Ghumarwin. Control Room established at P.S.Ghumarwin-01978-255216 for all kind of information. Accidental bus has been removed from the Satluj Reservoir. Rescue operation is still going on and Divers are at work on the spot.

List of deceased and injured persons in accident occurred Near Rahiyaan Village PS Ghumarwin District Bilaspur

RH Ghumarwin:- Died

  1. Nitesh Kumar S/o Sh.Desh Raj r/o Ropa
  2. Ankit Kumar S/o Shyam Lal r/o Benla PO Chandpur
  3. Meena Devi D/o Sada Ram r/o Kashay PO Auhar
  4. Anupama D/O Dharam Dass r/o Kashay PO Auhar
  5. Sapna Devi/D/o Dev Raj r.o Bhajwani
  6. Pyare Lal s/o Nikku Ram r/o Behna Jattan
  7. Nand LaL S/O Hari Ram r/o Dhararsani
  8. Unidentified Male
  9. Poonam D/O Hoshiar Singh r/o Behna Jattan


  1. Sukh Dev s.o Bakshi Ram r.o Bhajwani
  2. Sachin Thakur s/o sunder Singh r/o Bhajwani
  3. Shyam Lal s/o Kanshi Ram r/o Kothi PO Behna Jatta
  4. Chiranji Lal s/o Sukh Ram r/o Bhajwani
  5. Umesh Kumar s/o Kali Dass r/o Behna jattan
  6. Dharam Singh s/o Dharma Ram r/o Bhajwani
  7. Rattan Lal s/o Chempu Ram r/o Behna jattan
  8. Nand lal s/o Shaligram r/o Behlag
  9. Roop Lal s/o Mohinder Singh r/o Luhnu-Kanetan
  10. Rajeev s/o Nand Lal r/o Kallar PO Auhar

ZH Bilaspur:- Died

  1. Shashi Pal s/o Kuldeep Singh r/o Damli
  1. Anjana Devi d/o Dhruv r/o Rohal
  2. Surinder s/o Roop Lal r/o Kandrour
  3. Amarjeet s/o Karam Singh r/o Kallar
  4. Chaman Lal s/oDaulat Ram r/o Gulani
  5. Thakur dass s/o Hosiyar Singh r/o Pater
  6. Pooja Devi d/o subhash Chand r/o Behna jattan
  7. Madan Lal s/o Durga dass r/o Kallar
  8. Sanju s/o Sita ram r/o Vijaypur
  9. Sagar s/o Chuni Lal r/o Bhajwani
  10. Karan Singh s/o Raj Kumar r/o Binoula
  11. Satish Kumar s/o Chain Singh r/o Salasi
  12. Mandeep Singh s/o Kali Dass r/o Dhartatoh
  13. Inder Dev s/o Sant Ram r/o Auhar
  14. Nathu Ram s/o Shiv Ram r/o Bhajwani
  15. Unidentified Male


  1. Vijay Kumar s/o Jeet Ram r/o Dhararsani
  2. Jagdish s/o Sohan Singh r/o Auhar
  3. Raj Kumar s/o Sita Ram r/o Behna jattan
  4. Suman Kumari/ w/o Shashi Pal r/o Kothi
  5. Dev Raj s/o Kahia Ram r/o Samleta
  6. Mani Dhiman s/o Pholo Ram r/o Chatt Rishikesh
  7. Deva Nand s/o Ram Pal r/o r/o Bhater
  8. Rajesh Kumar s/o Dhani Ram r/o Main Market Bilaspur
  9. Rajender r/o Chatt PO Rishikesh
  10. Parkash Chand s/o Bhagat Ram r/o Chatt Rishkesh
  11. Satish Kumar s/o Nand Lal r/o Kallar